Basics of Laparoscopy & Robotics Course:

Dates: 22 June 2023, Thursday
Venue: RMK AIMES Surgical Training Center

We completed our course on basics of laparoscopy & robotics on 22 June 2023 at RMK AIMES surgical training center in Istanbul.

We had 24 participants from different parts of our country. 

Prof.Yakup Kordan initially gave a talk on EBLUS training and proctored trainees on how to perform EBLUS exercises on laparoscopy training boxes. Dr.Barış Esen also supervised the trainees.

Prof.Canda, Dr.Ersin Köseoğlu, Dr.Ahmet Furkan Sarıkaya and Dr.Kayhan Tarım intrduced Da Vinci robotic surgical system and gave training on 3 different Da Vinci robotic simulators on basic exercises.

Course ended by presenting certificates.