South East Robotic Urology Surgeons (SERUS)

Founded in 2024

SERUS, which stands for South East Robotic Urology Surgeons, is a collective organization of robotic surgeons that was founded in 2024. Its primary objectives include exchanging expertise and information, fostering cooperation and camaraderie among its members as well as with other societies, conducting collaborative research, and organizing joint conferences and activities focused on the advancements in robotic urology.


Includes short reports, surgical techniques (tips & tricks), challenging case presentations, short reviews, news, announcements, meeting reports and interviews.

To become a member, publish or contact:
E-mail: [email protected]

Advisory Board: (In alphabetical order)

Abdullah Erdem Canda*, Türkiye
Albert El-Hajj, Lebanon
Áron Bécsi, Hungary
Kaloyan Davidoff, Bulgaria
Mochida Junichi, Japan
Mudhar Hasan*, United Arab Emirates
Nauman Zafar, Pakistan
Peter Nyirady, Hungary
Piotr L. Chłosta, Poland
Raed Azhar*, Saudi Arabia
Ryoichi Shiroki, Japan
Saad Aldousari*, Kuwait
Satoru Takahashi, Japan
Shiven Ramkissoon, South Africa
Tetsuya Fujimura, Japan
Zainal Adwin, Malaysia

*Founding members