Robotic retroperitoneal upper urinary tract surgery human fresh frozen course

5 August 2022, Friday

Prof.A.Erdem Canda
Director, RMK AIMES
Koç University Hospital
Department of Urology

We successfully completed the very first course in our country ”Robotic retroperitoneal upper urinary tract surgery human fresh frozen course” that was held at RMK AIMES Surgical Training & Conventions Centre in Istanbul that is located in the same campus with Koç University Hospital.

Prof. Jens Rassweiler (Heilbronn, Germany) and Prof. Mutlu Ateş (Antalya, Turkey) were the course faculty in addition to myself. Prof.Tarık Esen, Prof.Derya Balbay and Prof.Yakup Kordan from Koç University, Department of Urology also joined to support this event. 

We had 2 course participants. We used Da Vinci x surgical robot. For insufflation Conmed Airseal low pressure device was used. 

Our trainees had initially Da Vinci robotic simulator training. Then, Prof. Rassweiler gave lectures and presentations on how to insert ports for retroperitoneal upper urinary tract robotic surgery, showed videos of the procedures. Our faculty proctored how to create retroperitoneal space, insert ports, perform retroperitoneal dissection, ureteral dissection, identification of renal artery and vein, isolation of the kidney and adrenal gland, partial nephrectomy, nephrectomy, pyeloplasty and adrenalectomy.  

We also used pulsating organ perfusion robotic simulator for robotic partial nephrectomy with ICG application trainings on harvested animal kidneys that very nicely simulated live situation.

At the end of the course we had a live music performance at our training centre. Prof. Rassweiler played guitar and harmonica and sang along with a wonderful music band composed of very well known musicians including Mr Cemil Demirbakan, Alpay Şalt, Gökhan Büyükkara and Fırat Hasanoğlu. I had the chance of joining them with accordion and harmonica.